Maximising Opportunities

Maximising Oppertunities

Many decisions that are made within a business have tax consequences. How do you know what decision is best from a tax perspective?

Fisconti advises companies which structure offers them most benefits and how a cooperation or joint venture can best be shaped. A good understanding of tax matters is also important for companies undertaking mergers, acquisitions and reorganisations since it enables them to achieve the maximum benefit and ensures that tax advantages (such as tax losses or reserves) are fully utilised. The same applies when planning to expand activities (abroad, for example) and when making substantial investments.

Financing issues are of particular relevance to businesses today. The tax rules concerning the deductibility of interest have become increasingly complex in recent years. Fisconti helps businesses to structure their financing to ensure the interest is tax deductible.

Businesses not intending to enter into major transactions, investments or financing commitments can also often take advantage of tax opportunities that are available. It may be in your businesses' interest to switch to another system of valuing your inventories or work in progress.

For us, 'taking advantage of opportunities' can also mean that our advice enables you to fully utilise commercial opportunities, without facing any tax obstacles along the way. This may involve us advising you to restructure, for example, or advising you on a tax-efficient way of selling (parts of) your business or allowing them to merge.