Getting a grip on your tax affairs

Getting a grip on your tax affairs

Managing a business is no easy matter nowadays. You have to comply with a diverse range of legal and regulatory requirements, often involving many different people within your organisation.

Overview and efficiency

The people responsible for the tax matters of an organisation face a host of different tax challenges. You are overloaded with information, developments continue at an increasingly faster pace and the consequences of non-compliance with tax obligations are increasingly more serious. Above all, you need to maintain an overview and a way of coping with the challenges in an efficient manner. In addition to filling in the right forms at the right time, you also want to be able to focus on optimising your tax affairs. In short, you want to have a grip on the tax process.

Tax Annual Calendar

Together with you, we develop a clear and transparent process for managing your tax affairs. This clarity is provided by creating a tax annual calendar setting out the main fiscal milestones. This tax calendar forms the guideline for regular consultation between us during which we discuss the progress being made, any problems that may have arisen as well as new developments. By efficiently scheduling the routine matters, you create time and space within your organisation for examining your tax strategy in more detail. Practice often shows that this reveals several additional opportunities for achieving tax savings.